Plant A Tree

The gift that grows

Plant a Tree

The Seagull Company Inc. is committed to the preservation of our environment and the enhancement of our quality of life, through education and project funding.

Through our Plant-A-Tree program, our company arranges for a tree to be planted on behalf of each customer who buys a Plant-A-Tree gift.  We have planted over 1.2 millions trees around the world through this ground breaking program.

  The Seagull Company Inc. employees  have participated in the program by planting over 54,000 trees in Nova Scotia.  The projects we fund help stabilize and improve agricultural lands.

Trees provide food, fodder, fuel, wood and medicine.  They provide habitat for wildlife, prevent soil erosion and help cool our planet by absorbing carbon dioxide.  They also help maintain the water level tables and provide protection from heavy wind and rain which can be very damaging to the environment.

These newly planted trees are planted to help protect the environment through strategic forest management and not destruction. In fact, no tree is cut down in the manufacture of Seagull's Plant-A-Tree program.  All packaging is printed on 100% recycled material.  It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.