About Us

Seagull Pewter products are created, designed and handcrafted in the tiny fishing village of Pugwash on Nova Scotia's northern shore.
It is the natural and rugged beauty of Nova Scotia's seascapes and rich flora and fauna that inspires our designers and sculptors to create these
Unique and Wonderful Gifts of Fine Pewter.


How is Seagull Pewter made?

Each Seagull design is sculpted and created as a model by our artists and designers. Moulds are then made from these originals before replicas are cast in fine pewter. Molten pewter is carefully poured into a mould and, once cooled, each piece is carefully extracted, buffed and hand finished by our craftsmen.

What is Pewter?

Pewter is one of the most valuable precious metals in common use today. Fine pewter is an alloy of tin. It can be highly polished or buffed to a satin finish. Pewter, like other precious metals, has set standards that specify that pewter must contain at least 92% tin. Our products exceed the standard of 92% pure tin. Like gold and platinum, pewter does not tarnish. As pewter ages it takes on a soft, even patina which is very pleasing to the eye. Modern pewter is safe and meant for everyday use. All Seagull serve-ware and baby items are 100% lead free and are food safe.

How do I care for Seagull pewter?

To care for your Seagull pewter, we recommend you wash the article in warm water with a light solution of dishwashing soap and dry with a soft cloth. Dishwasher use is not recommended due to the corrosive nature of many of the washing detergents.

While many companies make products that claim to be pewter, it is often difficult to know if you are getting the Genuine Article.
When you purchase or make a gift of Seagull you have the assurance of genuine quality and a piece of Hand Crafted pewter that will surely find its way into your collection of most Cherished Heirlooms and Keepsakes.
Accept No Imitations.